Melimar transforms your raw, unfinshed parts into works of ART. Our innovative Polishing Technology allows us to deliver a product that matches your EXPECTATIONS

        Our Technicians have many years of experience in tackling metal surfaces of any kind: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum billet or castings, Pewter, Zamac, Magnesium, etc. If you desire Polishing as a finish or as part of Electroplating or Anodizing, Melimar IS the answer.
Our Capabilities include:

Mirror Polishing on any metal
Satin Polishing on any metal
Brushed Polishing on any metal
Metal Cleaning, prepping for paint, lacquers, powder coat
Chemical Etching
​     Mirror Polishing is achieved by precision grinding (sanding) to a fine grit finish plus polishing and buffing until all surface imperfections are removed. Take a look at one of many parts polished at Melimar!
and after...
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