What is Triple Chrome Plating? 

Triple Chrome Plating is a custom process designed to provide extra corrosion protection and wear resistance to parts. Typically, parts are plated with one or two layers of metal, i.e. Copper and Nickel or just Nickel. We at Melimar plate parts with three layers: Nickel, Copper, Nickel and finally Chrome, 24K Gold or what ever final finish is desired. This ensures 99.9% seal of the base metal. It also allows for parts to be buffed, sanded and restored for an exquisite finish.

What is your turn-around time?

Our standard delivery time is two weeks. Shorter times are available upon request and feasibility depending on the size of the job, complexity, desired finish, metal condition, etc. Rush expediting service is also available for an additional fee. Consult with our Customer Service Manager for details.

What is the cost of Plating?

Pricing varies from part to part. We have standard prices for commonly plated items such as those found in the motorcycle industry. However, each job is appraised based on several factors: size of the part, original condition, shape, function, and intended use (exterior or interior, show quality or industrial protection, etc). To get a quote, simply bring your parts to our facility, or send us pictures, drawing or sketches via our Contact tab. An answer will follow.

What is the difference between Plating (Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Gold) and Anodizing?

Both are metal coatings. Plating is the deposition of metal layers on the surface of the metal part. Anodizing is a layer of protection (oxides) applied typically to aluminum that is ingrained into the metal with nothing to peel or delaminate. Both treatments are recommended for protection and beautification of metal but each has its own properties and therefore each are recommended for different applications. Nickel plating will never look like Anodizing and Anodizing will never look like Nickel Plating!

Do you pick up and deliver? Can I send my parts from another city or State?

We pick up and deliver parts within a 30-mile radius. This service is normally available to companies or individuals with a sizable amount of parts being serviced at our facility. If you live outside of this area, we can arrange a pick up, or you can send your parts via Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, etc.

What size parts can you plate?

We can accommodate parts within a 20" x 24" x 48" box for Copper  and 20" x 24" x 72" for Nickel and Chrome.  Consult with our customer service department for more information.

What is your warranty?

Limited Warranty: Melimar Custom Metal Finishing, Inc. warrants its work for a period of One (1) year against craftsmanship defects. Normal and/or abusive or excessive wear and tear or third party costs are not covered under this warranty. Parts made of certain metals such as Zamac, Zinc die cast, Aluminum castings, steel castings and parts that are extremely corroded or worn are not covered under this warranty.

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